About This Site

March 12, 2022

Hi ! I’m Hsieh Chin Fan (pham), a Linux user, hiker, OSM mapper from Taiwan.

I use this site to keep/share some ideas, hope you’ll find something useful here.

You can reach me out on GitHub (@typebrook), or by the following contacts.


PGP 1281 464C 0C65 A18C D809 F4EC 6647 3ABE 9A18 CF2D
(You may check it at keyserver)
Email [email protected] (Use Delta Chat as IM is welcome)
OSM https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/typebrook
Twitter https://twitter.com/typebrook
Github https://github.com/typebrook
                        # PGP Quick Import
curl https://topo.tw/public-key.asc | gpg --import
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